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Formerly  located  in  Wenzhou  (since  1995),  the  company  is  now  located  in  Yujiang  International Eyeglasses Industry Area. It hosts more than 110 current employees, with 35  core  technicians  and covers more than 70 acres of land.

Centering its core sales channels in Jiangxi province, Hengdeli established complete and systematic sale and after-sale servicing web. Covering Wenzhou, Taizhou, Xiamen, Danyang, Shenzhen, and many other eyeglasses manufacturing locations.

Department of administration

Requirements: female, 18-30 years old, associate degree or above, skilled in office office software, and related working experience is preferred.
Require relevant work experience, image temperament good affinity, solid, diligent, good team work spirit, have the ambition.
Sales Department
Responsibilities: 1, responsible for the follow-up of display orders, 2, familiar with product information, skillful introduction of product 3, coordination between department members, 4, other matters arranged by sales manager.
Job requirements: 1, 18-30 years old, educational background is not limited, relevant work experience is good, 2, lively and cheerful personality; 3, has certain written and oral expression ability, has strong communication and understanding ability; 4, work carefully, earnest and steadfast.
Research and Development Department
1、participate in the development of new products; 2、Responsible for the preparation of new products related technology, process documents and inspection standards. 3、Responsible for collecting technical data at home and abroad, and paying attention to the trend of products. 4、It is responsible for technical training and technical guidance to the production line. 5、complete the other matters to be handled by the head of the Department. Requirements for office: 1, men, strong communication and learning ability, responsibility, hard work, excellent graduates can also; 2. Familiar with the structure, performance and principle of metal glasses frame wire, familiar with the process of the industry, and have a solid theoretical basis. 3, fully grasp the operation procedures of original products, grasp the relationship between market supply and demand, have sharp market observation ability, skillfully use office software, and have good oral and written expression ability. 4. There is a certain literature review and related writing ability, and the relevant working experience is preferred.
Two administrative assistants
2, a man and a woman
It can be a graduate of this year
3, diploma or above Male, 18-30 years old It can be a graduate of this year
The above posts are all administrative classes, college or above, and 18-30 years old. Once hired, we are in charge of dorms and food, holiday benefits, birthday benefits, telephone charges, salary negotiable! Company address: Yingtan city Yujiang Hengtong road Tong glasses Industrial Park No. 6 Contact phone: 18779135650, 0701-5862555